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Unfortunately, Porras is not the first woman within Guatemala’s judiciary to face harassment or be exiled as a result of their commitment to fighting impunity and upholding the guatemalan chicks rule of law. Porras has faced numerous obstacles to her work, threatening the principle of judicial independence, which is crucial to the rule of law in democratic society.

One judicial region, comprised of three departments, does not have any. Cases in regions without access to specialized courts default to ordinary courts, which has proven consequential in the number of cases resolved by adjudication and the type of sentence rendered . The significance of a higher resolution by adjudication is two-fold. A backlog of cases can overwhelm the court and jail systems and adversely affect the parties awaiting a hearing or trial . Second, it means an increasing number of cases were heard by the court and not outrightly dismissed for poor and untimely investigation. The lawsuit was based on the violation of 15 women from Sepur Zarco, but the court could only verify the evidence of 11 of them as three of the victims died. The Sepur Zarco case is about justice, as shaped by women who endured untold horror and loss, and today they are demanding to experience that justice in their everyday lives.

  • Like many other independent prosecutors and judges, Barrios regularly faces threats and intimidation.
  • Other “failings of the state” include the refusal to investigate and prosecute those responsible for violence against activists who challenge the status quo by demanding that their human rights, such as those enshrined under ILO 169, are recognized and honored.
  • For example, during her party’s 2015 convention, Nanci was part of an internal dialogue process, which successfully led to the appointment of two new members onto the Executive Board as representatives of the Women’s Office and the Electoral Affairs office.
  • All mothers felt comfortable with the circle leaders and that they could trust them.

In Chiquimula, only 42 per cent of farmers own their land, according to a recent mapping of the labour situation in the department by ASIES. On the way there, at an altitude of 1,400 metres, we come across a group of women carrying receptacles filled with maize on their heads.

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TECPAN, Guatemala – An indigenous woman in Guatemala is more likely than all her fellow citizens to be sick, illiterate, poor and overwhelmed by too many unplanned children. The experts also said the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the discrimination and inequality women and girls already face. It is nevertheless hoped that Consuelo Porras can play a positive role in protecting the rule of law and judicial independence in Guatemala, by intervening in the case against her namesake Judge Gloria Porras . The Ixil genocide case was presided over by judge Yassmin Barrios – another example of the courageous women leading Guatemala’s battle against impunity. Like many other independent prosecutors and judges, Barrios regularly faces threats and intimidation. Just ten days after it was issued, the verdict in the genocide case was overturned by the Constitutional Court – with Judge Gloria Porras dissenting – due to alleged procedural errors.

Factors such as foreign investments, typically in mining, have created conflict with native communities fighting to defend their land rights and natural resources. As a result, indigenous women are primary victims of threats and violence. While Spain may be unable to extradite the accused, international arrest warrants at least prevent them leaving Guatemala. Pressure from Madrid has forced Guatemalan courts to start trying human rights cases from the war. In the meantime, the courage of these women, who face rejection for speaking the truth, will help others who suffer rape as a weapon of war to become more visible.

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Women, who for so long were invisible to society, must now be acknowledged as agents of change along this painful road. It is time that their contributions be respected and valued as examples of dignity and defenders of life. Searching became the only alternative they had for confronting the army and challenging the reign of terror caused by the disappearances. And it became the most powerful manifestation of the struggle for human rights during the worst years of the armed conflict. Mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of the disappeared were the first who dared to challenge the institutionalized violence plaguing the country. Women were part of the plunder of war, and raping them was a way of demonstrating power.

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She became the National Secretary for Youth for Winaq, a political movement with roots in the indigenous communities of Guatemala. Campaigning lawyer Almudena Bernabeu, of the US-based Center of Justice and Accountability, says rape, mutilation, sexual slavery and the killing of foetuses were all part of a plan to eliminate the Mayan people. “Gender violence has been used as a weapon to eliminate ethnic groups, and that’s genocide,” she says. The army and the members of the paramilitary “civil self-defence patrols” tortured the women they didn’t kill in order to stigmatise them. Teresa tells how days after she was raped, she was forcibly taken to a military barracks, raped for 15 days by countless soldiers and given bulls’ blood and raw meat to eat. The investigating magistrate Santiago Pedraz said on Wednesday the rapes appeared to be part of a campaign of terror designed to destroy Mayan society – with soldiers instructed to carry them out. Successive governments have done little to deliver justice or economic power to these women, and impunity has helped to normalise sexual violence.

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Friendship Bridge operates using a mixture of microcredit lending with health services and skills-based training to extend support to Guatemalan women. The Borgen Project spoke with the president and CEO of Friendship Bridge, Karen Larson, to find out more about this innovative program, known as Microcredit Plus, and learn how the organization’s services are uniquely equipped to help struggling Guatemalan women. Indigenous women are particularly vulnerable given the gender inequality and injustice in the country. About 51% of Guatemala’s adult women face unemployment and the country has the largest divide in gender inequality in Latin America according to SERniña, an organization dedicated to helping girls in Guatemala. It is in this environment that nonprofits like Friendship Bridge operate. The organization works to help struggling women in Guatemala, many of them indigenous, receive the support they need to create a better and brighter future for themselves and their families.